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Daniel DeMello
Daniel DeMello
They were on time / early and really transformed the look of the car, inside and out. Easy to work with too. Nice job guys.
Dan Prendergast
Dan Prendergast
My car looks amazing! Kyle and Katie did an outstanding job even with some tough dirt and stains from my kids. I will recommend them to everyone.
Brad Ancell
Brad Ancell
Full detail on my 2011 GMC van. The car came out looking like new. Highly recommend these folks. So convenient to have them come to your home and not have to worry about dropping off a car and finding ride shares. Five stars!!!
Victoria Fernandes
Victoria Fernandes
Katie & Kyle were prompt, friendly, efficient and incredibly thorough!! My car has not sparkled like this in quite some time and they were able to get almost all of the scuffs and scrapes polished out! (There is one scratch that is too deep that we knew that would not buff out, but Kyle treated it to prevent future damage.) I will absolutely use Double Take again for future detailing!
Laura Wuchter
Laura Wuchter
They were AMAZING! My car looks brand new!
jim price
jim price
Adam Williams
Adam Williams
BEST DETAILING BUSINESS! SUPER THOROUGH JOB AND VERY PROFESSIONAL! They got a very stubborn perfume smell out of the interior, and by personal request, used all natural cleaners on the car! Did an amazing job and am very happy with their business! Passing their name onto many others!👍👍👍👍
Ramandeep Singh
Ramandeep Singh
One of the best team in Denver area for car detailing. They spent almost 5 hours per car non-stop on my cars to make it look like brand new from inside/outside. They are the best in this business and I highly recommend if you want to use them.
Andrea Chillemi
Andrea Chillemi
What a class act this team is! My husband drove across country and could not get the bugs off of his Jeep. After they were done it looked brand new again! Super professional and really go the job done. You will not be disappointed! I look forward to using them again and gifting their services for the holidays.
Katie Rutten
Katie Rutten
I've been looking for a high quality detailer in the Denver area for some time now- happy to say that these guys are it!

What’s Included?

Additional Services Available at Booking

Garbage Removal

Upon our initial walk through with you, we will have you point out where to dispose of any trash we collect throughout the cleaning.


Within reason, household items will be placed back into order (i.e. refolding lounge blankets, repositioning pillows, placing books back on shelves, organizing remote controls, returning shoes to their designated places, etc.) 


A top-down approach including ceilings, ceiling fans, light fixtures, picture frames, trim work, shelving, behind and under items on countertops, baseboards, etc.

Shower or Tub

Scrub, rinse, and drying of tile and glass shower surfaces to remove soap scum and hard water.

Toilet Cleaning

Scrub and drying of the toilet and the surrounding area with the use of an enzyme cleaner to disinfect.

Windows & Mirrors

A cleaning of all interior-facing window panes, including the cleaning of window seams and tracks.

Wipe All Surfaces

A thorough wipe down of all horizontal surfaces and underneath items they display including countertops, fireplace mantels, book shelves, end tables, etc.

Sweep, Mop, Vacuum

Dusting and spot-cleaning of baseboards and a thorough vacuuming and/or mopping of the floors using a cleaning product tailored to your home’s individual requirements.


Get in Touch

A Brighton Cleaning Service That You’ll Simply Love

Double Take keeps Brighton’s homes clean. It’s important that every single one of our customers gets the Double Take experience (and has a double take reaction when they see our work!) A Brighton cleaning service that you’ll simply love has never been easier to hire! Ready to onboard you today, we are proud to serve your area and be the talk of your neighborhood.

Double Take Works Harder Than Their Brighton Cleaning Service Competitors

We know that to out perform our competition, we have to make our customer’s houses shine in a way that no one else can. To do this, we lean into three important qualities; the best cleaning products we can get our hands on, the most competitive price, and top-notch customer service.

Best Cleaning Products Available

No matter the cost, Double Take always makes sure to be well-stocked in the best cleaning products available to us. It doesn’t matter that having an array of high-quality products is not conducive to a money saving strategy. All that matters to us is that you get the best end result your money can buy. We did a lot of research before we launched our house cleaning services to ensure that we had every cleaning product a household may require. Your stone countertops, luxury vinyl, or recently finished cupboards are in great hands!

The Most Competitive Price

It is not in Double Take’s interests to take more money than we’ve earned. In other words, we are not in the business of taking more from you than our fair share. While we work extremely hard to give you the best end result (a clean house you’re proud to host your friends and family in at a moment’s notice,) we stick to a competitive price that you can trust has your budget in mind. We want you to be happy with our services all around; what you’re promised, what you get, and what you pay.

But to deliver on that day-in, day-out, it comes down to…

Top-Notch Customer Service

It’s one thing to walk into your recently cleaned home left highly impressed, but it’s another thing to interact with the housekeeper that just performed their cleaning duties and be left with an uncomfortable or lack-luster experience. That’s why our hiring process goes way beyond if the person we’re interviewing has extensive house cleaning experience.

An interviewee can have all the house cleaning experience in the world, but if they aren’t personable or professional, they’re not for us. Instead, we go out of our way to hire people we love working alongside and are also proud to represent us. We want to trust our employees so much that we trust they’ll will take great care of you, our customers.

Top-notch customer service, no matter if it’s your first day as a Double Take customer or your hundredth, is our everyday goal. We can promise you that you will always receive the best care and end product as a Double Take customer. You have our word!

We Hope to Be Your Next Brighton Cleaning Service

Double Take loves being Brighton’s cleaning service of choice! Call us today to get your house cleaning appointment on our books, or feel free to schedule online! We offer recurring appointment discounts so if you plan on being with us for the long haul, don’t forget to take advantage of our recurring discounts offered at booking!

We proudly serve the Denver metro area as well: