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Expert Car Detailing in Boulder

That Comes to You for Free

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Abrasive wash practices (sponges, brushes, auto-washes) will damage your car’s finish over time.

A proper wash and protectant application will help you avoid depreciating value

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Katie & Kyle we’re flexible with their schedule and got my Avalon in at my requested time. My Avalon is normally a commuter car and she sees a lot of miles. She left the location looking and feeling like new. I am so happy with the results, I will definitely use their services the next time I am in the area.

Alonda R.

Got a full detail on my 2017 Tundra and it looks/feels like a brand new car! They went above and beyond and even got all the dog hair out of my carpets. Strongly recommend and will definitely be using this great service again!

Shane H.

Kyle and Katie at Double Take made me feel very comfortable.They do a complete service and do not cut corners.  It’s not a stretch to say the interior hasn’t looked this clean since I bought him. The outside is sparkly and I can hardly tell I have windows 🤩

Jaime L.


"It can't be that easy"

It is.


Mobile Car Detailing in Boulder, Colorado

mobile car detailing in Boulder, colorado

Need a good detail on your car but struggling to find the time to take it to a detail shop and wait hours for them to complete the work? Double Take has you covered! We are a mobile detailing service that serves the Boulder area. We will come to you and detail your car while you go about your day.

No need to take time out of your busy day, we will work around your schedule!

How Colorado Wears on Cars – and What You Can Do About It

Winter weather takes its toll on cars in Colorado. The mix of snow, ice, road salt, and intense sun can be hard on your vehicle. But there are steps you can take to protect your car from the elements.

Double Take offers a winterization package that includes an undercarriage wash to remove salt and grime, a sealant to protect your paint, and a wax to give your car an extra layer of protection.

We also offer headlight restoration to keep your lights shining bright all winter long. With less atmosphere to filter out UV rays, paint and composite tends to oxidize faster. If caught early, this oxidation can be completely repaired. Coating can also be added to protect against harmful sun damage.

Don’t let the Colorado weather ruin your car. Book with Double Take Today!

SUV full detail boulder colorado

Looking for Mobile Detailing in the Boulder Area?

We service the entire Boulder area, including the service areas below:

Benefits of a Paint Sealant

A paint sealant is a clear or translucent coating that is applied to the painted surface of a car in order to protect it from weathering, staining, and fading. The main benefit of using a paint sealant is that it can prolong the life of your car’s paint job by many years if properly maintained. In addition, a paint sealant can also make your car’s paint job look better and last longer by providing a deep, rich shine. Finally, a paint sealant can also help to resist dirt and grime buildup on your car’s paintjob, making it easier to clean and keep looking its best. Because modern paint sealants are hydrophobic, or water-repelling, they can also help to protect your car’s paint job from damage caused by road salt, bird droppings, tree sap, and other acidic substances.