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Expert Car Detailing in Commerce City

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Abrasive wash practices (sponges, brushes, auto-washes) will damage your car’s finish over time.

A proper wash and protectant application will help you avoid depreciating value

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Katie & Kyle we’re flexible with their schedule and got my Avalon in at my requested time. My Avalon is normally a commuter car and she sees a lot of miles. She left the location looking and feeling like new. I am so happy with the results, I will definitely use their services the next time I am in the area.

Alonda R.

Got a full detail on my 2017 Tundra and it looks/feels like a brand new car! They went above and beyond and even got all the dog hair out of my carpets. Strongly recommend and will definitely be using this great service again!

Shane H.

Kyle and Katie at Double Take made me feel very comfortable.They do a complete service and do not cut corners.  It’s not a stretch to say the interior hasn’t looked this clean since I bought him. The outside is sparkly and I can hardly tell I have windows 🤩

Jaime L.


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It is.


Mobile Car Detailing in Commerce City, Colorado

Get A Mobile Car Detailing in Commerce City- Automated Washes Are Bad for Your Car

If you’re looking for a top quality car detailing, you’ll want to avoid the automated car washes. These types of car washes can actually cause more damage to your car than it had before the auto wash. Although the list is extensive, here are the main reasons why automated car washes are bad for the health of your vehicle:

  • The brushes, covered with contaminants, grime, and dirt from other vehicles can scratch the paint of your vehicle easily.
  • Automated washes are not known for using high-quality soaps and waxes in order to save money on their end.
  • The high pressure water that is adjusted to fit every vehicle and not being sprayed manually can force dirt and grime into cracks and crevices, causing corrosion to your vehicle.
  • Because the automated car wash system is supposed to be quick and convenient, it rushes through important steps such as the drying process. Ever driven out of an automated car wash with a ton of water spots all over your vehicle still? Super annoying!
  • A lot of spots get missed. It’s common to look at the small spaces that make up your vehicle like the side mirrors, door handles, wheels, etc. and still see a lot of dirt and grime.
  • Potential damage to aftermarket accessories. Because automated car washes are designed to wash vehicles, and not necessarily their aftermarket accessories, a lot of the times this hasty process loosens or even rips these items off the vehicle.

It’s a better, and financially smarter, idea to get your car washed by hand via a mobile car detailing service. Double Take Mobile Detailing, a mobile car detailer in Commerce City, Colorado will take care of your car the right way, ensuring that it looks its best.

Contact Double Take Mobile Detailing today to schedule a mobile car detailing appointment. Double Take Mobile Detailing also services the following areas:

Main Benefits of Opting for a Mobile Car Detailing in Commerce City, Colorado

When you opt for a mobile car detailing in Commerce City, Colorado, such as Double Take Mobile Detailing, you’re choosing a convenient and wiser option for keeping your car clean. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing a mobile car detailing service over an automated car wash:

  • You can get your car detailed without having to leave home or work. Double Take Mobile Detailing has their own water and power on board so they can detail your vehicle from anywhere you’d like!
  • Because Double Take Mobile Detailing comes to you, you don’t have to worry about waiting around for your car to get finished or sweat making transportation arrangements. As soon as the vehicle is done, it’s ready and waiting for you wherever you happen to be.
  • Mobile car detailers have the necessary equipment and supplies to do a thorough job. Double Take Mobile Detailing only uses high-quality car detailing products so you can be confident that your vehicle is only getting the best treatment.
  • You can be sure that your car will be handled with care by experienced professionals. At Double Take Mobile Detailing, our employees are not sent to handle a job until Double Take’s founders are confident that they can provide the best service imaginable. We train our employees extensively on proper technique, how to properly use equipment and products, and how to be fast yet efficient.

Schedule a mobile car detailing appointment with Double Take Mobile Detailing today to take advantage of these benefits and more! Mobile car detailing in Commerce City, Colorado has never been easier than it is today.