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Daniel DeMello
Daniel DeMello
They were on time / early and really transformed the look of the car, inside and out. Easy to work with too. Nice job guys.
Dan Prendergast
Dan Prendergast
My car looks amazing! Kyle and Katie did an outstanding job even with some tough dirt and stains from my kids. I will recommend them to everyone.
Brad Ancell
Brad Ancell
Full detail on my 2011 GMC van. The car came out looking like new. Highly recommend these folks. So convenient to have them come to your home and not have to worry about dropping off a car and finding ride shares. Five stars!!!
Victoria Fernandes
Victoria Fernandes
Katie & Kyle were prompt, friendly, efficient and incredibly thorough!! My car has not sparkled like this in quite some time and they were able to get almost all of the scuffs and scrapes polished out! (There is one scratch that is too deep that we knew that would not buff out, but Kyle treated it to prevent future damage.) I will absolutely use Double Take again for future detailing!
Laura Wuchter
Laura Wuchter
They were AMAZING! My car looks brand new!
jim price
jim price
Adam Williams
Adam Williams
BEST DETAILING BUSINESS! SUPER THOROUGH JOB AND VERY PROFESSIONAL! They got a very stubborn perfume smell out of the interior, and by personal request, used all natural cleaners on the car! Did an amazing job and am very happy with their business! Passing their name onto many others!👍👍👍👍
Ramandeep Singh
Ramandeep Singh
One of the best team in Denver area for car detailing. They spent almost 5 hours per car non-stop on my cars to make it look like brand new from inside/outside. They are the best in this business and I highly recommend if you want to use them.
Andrea Chillemi
Andrea Chillemi
What a class act this team is! My husband drove across country and could not get the bugs off of his Jeep. After they were done it looked brand new again! Super professional and really go the job done. You will not be disappointed! I look forward to using them again and gifting their services for the holidays.
Katie Rutten
Katie Rutten
I've been looking for a high quality detailer in the Denver area for some time now- happy to say that these guys are it!


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Mobile Car Detailing in Pershing, Texas

mobile car detailing in pershing, texas

Automated Car Washes vs. Car Detailing in Pershing, Texas

Scheduling a car detailing in Pershing is a smart decision one can make. In the heart of Pershing, Texas, where the heat can be intense, and the road dust abundant, keeping your car in top shape is essential. While automated car washes may seem convenient, choosing professional car detailing from Double Take Mobile Detailing provides a host of benefits:

1. Customized Care

Unlike automated car washes that treat every vehicle the same, professional detailing provides individualized care to meet the specific needs of your car. Our skilled detailers take into account your vehicle’s make, model, and condition to deliver superior results.

2. Comprehensive Cleaning

Automated car washes can’t match the thoroughness of a professional detailing job. They often miss hard-to-reach areas and may leave behind residue. At Double Take, we ensure that every inch of your car, inside and out, is meticulously cleaned.

3. Protection from the Elements

Pershing’s weather can take a toll on your car. Professional detailing offers a robust defense against sun damage, road dust, and other environmental factors. Our high-quality products provide lasting protection for your car’s paint, upholstery, and other surfaces.

4. Preserved Value

Regular detailing can maintain and even enhance your car’s value over time. It goes beyond superficial cleaning to restore the look and feel of your vehicle, making it more appealing to potential buyers if you decide to sell.

5. Convenience

Our mobile detailing service makes maintaining your car’s appearance effortless. We come to you, whether at home or your workplace, so you don’t need to disrupt your schedule for a car wash.

6. Eco-Friendly Solutions

Automated car washes often use harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. At Double Take, we prioritize eco-friendly practices, using biodegradable products and minimizing water waste.

7. Long-Lasting Results

With a professional detailer, your car stays cleaner for longer, thanks to our advanced techniques and premium products. This means less frequent cleaning and more time to enjoy your shiny, well-maintained vehicle.

In Pershing, Texas, Double Take Mobile Detailing offers the superior choice over automated car washes. We combine professional expertise with personalized service to ensure your car looks its best. Book your detailing appointment today and experience the difference a professional touch makes.

Unlock the Benefits of Comprehensive Car Detailing in Pershing, TX

Car detailing might seem like an optional luxury, but it’s a critical aspect of vehicle maintenance that offers a multitude of benefits:

1. Deep Cleaning

Detailing goes beyond a simple car wash to provide a deep clean, both inside and out. It reaches into the nooks and crannies often missed, removing grime and build-up from every corner of your vehicle.

2. Protection

Detailing protects your car from the damaging effects of the elements. A high-quality wax or sealant is applied during the detailing process to protect the paint from UV rays, moisture, and pollutants, while interior treatments protect upholstery and surfaces from wear and tear.

3. Enhanced Appearance

Regular detailing can restore the shine to your car’s exterior and the freshness to its interior, making your vehicle look brand new. It can remove minor scratches, faded paint, and stubborn stains, enhancing your vehicle’s overall appearance.

4. Increased Resale Value

A well-maintained, detailed car is more appealing to potential buyers. Regular detailing can improve your vehicle’s condition and maintain its aesthetic appeal, which can significantly increase its resale value.

5. Healthier Environment

A clean car isn’t just about appearance. Interior detailing removes allergens, dust, and harmful microbes, providing a healthier environment for you and your passengers.

6. Better Fuel Efficiency

Believe it or not, a clean car is more fuel-efficient. Dust and grime increase drag, causing your car to burn more fuel. Regular detailing can result in a smoother exterior, improving aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

7. Early Problem Detection

A good detailer doesn’t just clean; they also inspect your car for potential problems. Small chips, dents, or part failures can be spotted early, saving you from more serious issues down the line.

Investing in professional car detailing care with Double Take Mobile Detailing means investing in your vehicle’s longevity, appearance, and overall performance. Experience the difference that professional detailing can make and enjoy the numerous benefits it brings to your beloved car. Schedule your appointment today.